Political Tax Impact 2019

24,000+ Vancouver homes will pay an average of 35% more tax

David Eby and the NDP have described the 2018 School Tax as "fair" and "modest" but the facts don't support that spin. In 2019, 24,000+ City of Vancouver homeowners will pay on average an additional 35.18% more on their property taxes thanks to the NDP's additional School Tax. It's time to Step Up and have your voice heard on this. With your help we are sending a message to the NDP and David Eby.

Use our property tax calculator to calculate the impact the School Tax will have on your property taxes in 2019. 1) Select your municipality (so far only West Vancouver and Vancouver tax rates are listed) and 2) Enter your property assessment to determine your new taxes for 2019 (you can find yours at the BC Assessment website). You can see the calculator in full screen here.

Disclaimer: this tool is to be used for illustrative purposes only. Tax bills are issued by your local government.